We are hiring Interns and Residents!

Join us to build the future in one of the coolest places for AI to work hand-in-hand with out mentors on cutting-edge problems.

AI Internship Program

Tailored for students and recent graduates, yet applicants from diverse backgrounds are welcomed. We are seeking individuals who've taken initiative and demonstrated practical experience outside academic settings. If you're passionate about AI and have hands-on involvement, this program could be the perfect opportunity to hone your skills in a professional environment.

AI Residency Program

Designed for experienced professionals seeking to deepen their expertise in AI. We expect applicants that have industry expertise in AI or a very closely related field (e.g. software engineering) and are eager to continue learning and contribute to cutting-edge projects, our residency offers a dynamic environment where you can thrive and expand your capabilities.

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Hey there! I am here to answer any question you might have on your application. I can help you to select the most suitable program as well as navigate over Metric's expectations from its applicants.

In addition, I can also provide learning mateirals to prepare for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

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