AI Solutions To Scale Your Business

Metric is a leading Enterprise AI solution provider. From startups to Fortune 100 companies we help to uncover their hidden potential and achieve more with our deep expertise in Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, NLP and Computer vision.

Why Metric?

We deliver Proof of Concepts from 3 to 6 months using our diverse expertise and proprietary technology. 

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What We Offer

We help companies to leverage cutting-edge data analytics and AI techniques for evidence-based decision-making.

NLP and Text Analytics

Document analysis, topic modeling, trend extraction, survey text analysis, key information extraction, text categorization.

Computer Vision

Face detection, recognition and verification, emotion analysis, video stream analysis, object detection, image classification.

Data Analytics and BI

Interactive dashboards, KPI monitoring, customer behavior analysis, product analytics, sales trends analysis, anomaly detection.

Products Using Generative AI

Our virtual data assistant Anania allows non technical professionals to conduct complex data analytics by asking questions in plain English.

Algorithms and Reinforcement Learning

Product recommendation, feed optimization, filtering, constrained optimization, adaptive ML systems.

Data Science and Predictive Analytics

Marketing response analysis, price, demand, churn, subscription predictions, revenue optimization

Metric Across Industry Segments

We have successfully implemented cross-disciplinary solutions covering wide range of industries and sectors.

  • Marketing
    • Campaign Optimization
    • Predictive Lead Scoring
    • Product Recommendation
  • Finance
    • Credit Risk Management 
    • Stock Price Prediction 
    • Portfolio Optimization
  • Banking
    • Credit Scoring & Default Prediction 
    • Fraud Detection & Prevention 
    • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Telecom
    • Customer Churn Modeling 
    • Predictive Maintenance 
    • Revenue Forecasting
  • CyberSecurity
    • Anomalous Threat Detection 
    • Log Behavior Analysis 
    • Spam and Phishing Detection
  • HealthCare
    • Liver Biopsy Image Analysis 
    • Meta-analysis for Clinical Papers 
    • Patient Volume Forecasting

What We Don't Offer

  • Pure
    Pure Software Development

    Though we have a team of top engineers we don't develop software that has no Data Science or ML components in it. Our engineers as well as the whole Metric Team are Machine Learning enthusiasts.

  • Existing
    Existing Solutions

    We don't develop mainstream ML solutions that are already solved, exist elsewhere, and could easily and cheaply be purchased. However, if those solutions don't work for your case, you should certainly contact us.

  • Qualitative
    Manual Data Collection

    We are not assisting the companies with collecting data by surveys or other manual channels. However, contact us for automated data collection scenarios such as web scraping and information extraction from unstructured sources.

Use Your Data Today For Smarter Business Tomorrow

US major Marketing Company achieved 70% increased response rate with our lead scoring algorithm.

Major Mobile Operator reached 20% increase in churn detection with our churn prediction model.

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